<strong>Jim Lewellen</strong>

Jim Lewellen
Director of Golf

Jim Lewellen is an avid golfer and has lived in the Niles, Michigan area all of his life. As director of golf he is responsible for ensuring everyone’s experience on the course is second to none.

<strong>Kirk Proshwitz, GCSAA</strong>

Kirk Proshwitz, GCSAA
Course Superintendent

Kirk Proshwitz is tasked with keeping the Signal Point course in top condition. His years of experience supervising golf courses are invaluable to our organization.

<strong>Danielle Kaiden</strong>

Danielle Kaiden
Head Chef

Danielle Kaiden provides our membership and guests with a wonderful dining experience of fine cuisine and everyday lunches.  She provides a personal touch that is unmatched.  Danielle has more than 15 years of culinary experience and enjoys making every dining experience memorable.